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CoolClub Spring/Summer Service Inspection
Check List
Check inside Cooling Coil, if accessible: 
  • Build-up on the coil reduces the system’s ability to cool, making your air conditioning run longer, increasing energy consumption and raising your cooling costs.
Inspect Primary and Secondary Drains: 
  • A clogged condensate drain increases humidity levels and can cause ceiling damage.
Check and Clean Condenser: 
  • Foreign material on the condenser reduces the system’s cooling capacity. A dirty coil will increase your cooling cost by 50% or more, and can shorten the life of your air conditioner.
Check Operation Pressures for Proper Refrigerant Charge: 
  • Improper refrigerant charges – too much or too little – can damage the compressor and will cause high electric bills, and reduced cooling capacity due to efficient equipment operation.
Adjust Blower Components: 
  • Proper adjustment of blower and components is necessary for adequate airflow to assure maximum cooling performance.
Monitor AC Cycle: 
  • Our trained Technician will assure that the air conditioner is cycling properly.
Monitor Voltage & Amp. Draw on all Motors: 
  • Motors are designed to operate at standard voltage and amperage draw. By measuring amperage draw, problems can be identified before the unit fails.
Check and tighten all Loose Electrical Connections: 
  • Loose electrical connections are a common source of problems which cause your electric parts to fail and your air conditioner to become inoperative.
Clean and adjust Thermostat: 
  • To ensure even temperature control for your environment.
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