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Why making sure you have a matched system and maintain your furnace so important?
What Is Furnace Maintenance and how Is It different from Furnace Repair?
Although a regular furnace maintenance appointment can sometimes involve repairs, a repair visit is not the same thing. You can look at furnace maintenance as being like a physical exam for your furnace. This is an opportunity for one of expert technicians to make sure your furnace is healthy and make any adjustments or needed repairs if needed.

Why Is Regular Furnace Maintenance Important?
Prevents Expensive Repairs
  • Furnace maintenance can seem like yet another household expense that you could do without. However, preventative maintenance can save you money in the long run. When a technician performs a maintenance check, they can repair or replace parts before they cause more significant issues.

Increases Furnace Efficiency
  • A well-maintained furnace will run more efficiently and ultimately save you money on your heating bill. Just like regular doctor’s visits help keep you healthy, regular furnace maintenance will help your furnace perform it’s best.

Keeps Your Family Safe
  • Most furnaces are powered using either natural gas or propane. These fuel sources work well for heating our homes but can cause significant problems if not properly maintained. Regular furnace maintenance is one of the best ways to protect your home from potentially fatal carbon monoxide poisoning. 
Honestly in Texas, most of us don’t think about their furnaces until they come home to a cold house. 
Of coarse by replacing both units at the same time will save you money long-term. What many homeowners may not realize is that if they replace only the outdoor condensing unit, the indoor furnace might soon follow.

Bottom line is that matched systems just perform better. When complete HVAC systems are designed by the manufactures, they are built to work with a matched Condenser, Furnace and Coil. This matched system works in unison to generate optimum efficiency and ideal system performance. Now replacing an outdoor condensing unit without installing the matching indoor furnace will work. However, you can be jeopardizing the dependability of either units. This compromises your HVAC system’s efficiency, which may cost more in repairs and/or replacement of the other unit in the long run.

Another reason for using matched HVAC systems is the efficiency of the system. The efficient ratings are based on matched system testing. When you purchase a new HVAC system, the heating and cooling efficiency ratings are based on matched system performance. That means, if you bought a condenser with an 18 SEER rating to help you save money on monthly bills, you won’t realize the full potential of those savings without the matching furnace. The wider the difference range between SEER ratings of equipment, the less efficient they will be in working together.