How much will I save?

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Frequently Asked Questions
The amount of money you will save will vary depending on the severity of your climate. The Attic Tent had been proven to reduce air transfer by at least 71%. That's less energy used to heat or cool your living area being lost into the attic. (Our new and improved installation method for the Attic Tent should provide even greater savings in reducing air loss/transfer than stated)
The Attic Tent should pay for itself in one year!
How difficult is it to install?
The Attic Tent is easy to install. It fits easily around your attic stair frame and can be secured with staples to any surface, smooth or not. It is recommended that you place a bead of caulk around the seam for an air tight fit.
What is it made of?
The patented Attic Tent consists of a durable shell, made of a space age synthetic casing. This high-tech material is adhered to 1/2 inch thick micro-fiber urethane insulation. It is lightweight, ultra-thin and ultra- effective!
How do I get in and out of my attic?
The Attic Tent is designed with non-corrosive, heavy-duty zippers that allow easy access to the attic while keeping harmful insulation and dust particles in the attic. This improves indoor air quality and keeps the insulation off your floors.
Does it have an R value?
The Attic Tent materials have been calculated to a 3.2 R-value. It is designed to be an air transfer barrier between your attic and your living area.
This is the same principle behind storm doors and windows.
After installation, the actual R-value should increase (applied R-value) when including the attic stair door and empty space between the door and the Tent.
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